Me, An Author?

Take This Short, 15 Yes/No Assessment To
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Is A Book For Me?


Are you the face of your business and want to increase your personal profile in the marketplace?

Do you have competitors that have better exposure than you?

Do you sell products or services that are somewhat complex, expensive, or have extended sales cycles?

Do you want to obtain speaking engagements or be interviewed on radio or TV?

Would you consider your business to be “missional”?

Do you have case studies or experiences that could make good stories?

Are there frequently asked questions that you always have to answer for prospects?

Do you have a desire to leave a legacy?

Do you want to pass on lessons you've learned or communicate principles to others?

Do you have an existing business that has clients/customers/patients who pay you for products and services?

Do you have a logical "next step" for someone who desires to do business with you (like making an appointment, visiting a website, make an incoming phone call, or purchase a product or service ?

Do you have existing content that you can repurpose (presentations, blogs, articles, interviews, ebooks, reports, etc.) or can you speak on your topic?

Do you have the need to create a new positioning in an established market or create a new position in a new market?

Would you like to be considered a "celebrity" in your market?

Is writing a book a personal goal you have?

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